The Sunstone Coven offers the following services to the the pagan community. If your require further info and details please get in touch.

Life Rites

Namings, Handfastings, Passings or any other celebration of the changing patterns of your life; if you would like our High Priest and High Priestess to officiate at any of these life rites please contact us to discuss your requirements for the ritual.

Paranormal Investigation

We are experienced Paranormal Investigators and we are able to offer the following services:
Paranormal and psychic investigation, hauntings, poltergeists and other types of phenomena.

House Clearing

As a Practicing and established Witches Coven we are happy to offer House Clearances, Spirit rescue, Curse removal, investigation into and advice upon unexplained phenomenon, advice on matters relating to Witchcraft, demonology and other similar subjects. Help with the aftermath of spirit board use or other similar problems. Paranormal and psychic consultations.